Amino Restore Protein Shake (Chocolate)


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Amino Acids Are Essential For Optimal Health

Amino Restore™ is a powerful amino acid shake that is plant-based, non-dairy and high in protein and nutrients. Our protein is derived from peas that provide high-quality protein contrary to many whey and dairy-based shake that can cause inflammation. It is rich in essential amino acids that are necessary for optimal health. Amino Restore™ unlike many other protein shakes on the market, contains more than just protein. It contains over 23 additional nutrients to improve health and wellness. Amino Restore™ may help improve energy, stamina, endurance, strength, mood, attention, memory, focus, concentration, and muscle mass. It is rich in amino acids that are precursors for enzymes, proteins, hormones, and neurotransmitters. Amino acids affect our mood, sleep, memory, concentration, and overall brain health. Amino acids improve acid-base balance, immunity, cardiovascular health, glucose levels, lipid metabolism, and sexual function. They are essential for growth and the constant repair of bone, muscle, skin, hair, nails, and cartilage.*

Amino Restore™ contains choline which supports healthy acetylcholine levels, an essential nutrient for brain health, intelligence and synaptic plasticity. It contains inositol which promotes healthy fat metabolism and mood. Amino Restore™ is suitable for vegetarians and those who cannot tolerate dairy products. It is designed to support a healthy metabolism, muscle mass, and brain health. Amino Restore™ can be used to optimize health, as a meal replacement shake and a post work out shake to decrease recovery time.  Amino Restore™ can be used to optimize health, as a meal replacement shake and a post work out shake to decrease recovery time. It can be combined with MaxHealth Ultra Liquid Vitamin™ for optimal health.*


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